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Laurence Graff is possibly the most important jeweller in the world today. However, as he engages in a significant expansion programme for the business, the size of his family is part of the challenge, as Claire Adler discovers…

In a society dominated by technology, luxury pens have taken on a new role. They’re no longer old-world writing instruments, says Giuseppe Aquila, CEO of family-owned Aquila Brands, but ultimate status symbols and luxury fashion accessories


For many, private jets are seen as the epitome of wealth and luxury – the ultimate status symbol. They are speedy, flexible, convenient and, with so many varieties of design and price, everyone can can experience their dream jet. David Nicholson finds out more …


The Padrón family has taken the humble cigar from its spiritual home of Cuba into Central America. As he talks to the founder’s son, Rodrigo Amaral discovers there is more to the cigar industry than tobacco and leaves …

Governance : Divorce

Running a family business can be tricky enough at the best of times, but things can get even worse in the aftermath of a painful divorce. Will the business suffer or become stronger? Tom Davidow explores the impact divorce can have and how to manage it

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