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The Padrón family has taken the humble cigar from its spiritual home of Cuba into Central America. As he talks to the founder’s son, Rodrigo Amaral discovers there is more to the cigar industry than tobacco and leaves …

Governance : Divorce

Running a family business can be tricky enough at the best of times, but things can get even worse in the aftermath of a painful divorce. Will the business suffer or become stronger? Tom Davidow explores the impact divorce can have and how to manage it

Governance : Divorce

Watching a child get married is an emotional time for any parent, especially if you think their partner is unsuitable. But how can you prevent the family business being affected by a potential divorce settlement? Karen Jones explores the growing world of “pre-nups”

Governance : divorce

Divorce has high costs, both monetarily and emotionally. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of family business, as evidenced by some high-profile cases in recent years. Love, power and ownership can all be at stake when family and business split

Lifestyle : Jewellery

The recent glut of bonuses in the City of London has led to an explosion of trade for luxury jewellers such as family-owned Boodles. Marc Smith talks with fourth-generation managing director Michael Wainwright about Boodles, blood diamonds and Bond Street

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