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The intricate and imaginative designs of a fourth-generation Mumbai-based jeweller are becoming increasingly sought after the world over, writes Claire Adler

Test driving the new Jaguar XKR is a tough job, but someone has to do it. Antje Doel spent a day roaring up and down Italy's Amalfi coast road to put family-owned Tata's latest acquisition through its paces

Caroline Neville is a woman credited with inventing fashion PR more than 45 years ago. Today her son and daughter are leading the charge in continuing the growth of the company she founded writes Claire Adler

New York offers the best of classical music, opera, and ballet in the US writes Bruce Love. So it’s little wonder that patronage in the Big Apple has become the elite’s favourite pastime

Private family offices are increasingly being called upon to manage tangible personal property and art collecting has come to be viewed as a legitimate asset diversification strategy.

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