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Some of the biggest brands in the global hotel trade are family businesses, founded by dynasties that have mastered the art of giving a warm welcome. Here’s a handful of some of the best-known chains from across the world.

Setting up a new microfinance division at her family’s Lebanon-based insurance business, Commercial Insurance, gave third-generation Coralie Zaccar a golden opportunity to combine her financial background with her passion for social entrepreneurship, making sure even the poorest in society have a safety net. 

São Paulo-based MCassab Group is the face of today’s prosperous, entrepreneurial Brazil. An 86-year-old Brazilian family-run conglomerate with interests spanning Lego distribution to fish farming, its revenues are expected to double to $1 billion by 2018. Peter Shaw-Smith meets its chief executive and patriarch Fábio Cutait

When third-generation Clinton Ang, 40, joined his family’s Singapore-based wines and spirits distribution firm, Hock Tong Bee, he spotted an opportunity to create wines tailored to Asian tastes. Now his Cornerstone brand is gathering devotees across the continent.

The Casella family owe their winemaking know-how to their Italian roots, but the second-generation firm is now tackling the Australian beer market with its recently launched Arvo brand. 

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