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Ratan N Tata has revealed his extreme anguish at the unstable nature of India’s West Bengal state which has forced the family-owned business to relocate its manufacturing plant for the much heralded Tata Nano car.

The merger between family-owned confectionery giants Mars, Inc and WM Wrigley has been completed after Wrigley stockholders approved the deal and regulatory hurdles were cleared.

The sale of a family business is supposed to be the culmination of years of hard work and innovation. But disaster may be lurking unless families and their advisors have thought through and carefully planned the transition process.

Campden FB conducted an online "selling the family business" survey to get the views of families from all over the world on this crucial topic.

The family business model has been vindicated by the recent events of the credit crunch thanks to an historic aversion to being highly leveraged and a long-term vision. Campden FB presents a selection of family business winners from the recent turmoil.

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