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As part of its probe into member state tax policies, the OECD is asking wealthy individuals what they think of taxation.

Despite reporting a 14% year-on-year drop in third quarter profits and the postponement of its capital increase, drinks giant InBev has announced that its $52 billion deal acquisition of AnheuserBusch will go ahead.

Family-owned department store Boscov’s, which filed for bankruptcy in August, has announced it is selling the majority of its assets to a family group led by Albert Boscov and his brother-in-law, Edwin Lakin.

Two-centuries-old family-owned bank Rothschild has taken advantage of the demise of rival Lehman Brothers, hiring three M&A bankers from the collapsed firm.

Banks should urgently be relieved of the unnecessary duty to revalue their loan portfolios according to which price they could achieve if they sell the credit today.

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