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Brewery giants Heineken, owned by the Heineken family, and Carlsberg have formed a consortium in order to make a proposal offer to fellow brewery group Scottish & Newcastle

In the past few years Brazil has become one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world. Rodrigo Amaral analyses what impact this has had on the country’s family businesses and the unprecedented rise of the IPO …

In this article, the first of the new Families in Business debate section, Dennis Jaffe argues the benefits owners can expect from selling while Tom Davidow fights for the non-sale corner and keeping the business together for the next generation

Delta Two has informed UK supermarket Sainsbury's that it is seeking increased funding of approximately £500 million of additional equity in respect of the proposed acquisition of Sainsbury's


“I’ve sold my family business – now what?” The deal is done but the ordeal is not. Ed Lazar explains how the personal change for the owner is only beginning and how families should be prepared for what comes their way in the aftermath of a business sale

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