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The current financial crisis is exposing a number of frauds, but the panic that has invaded the credit markets has also pushed some legitimate businesses into making bad, perhaps even fraudulent choices. One of these is family-owned Reserve Management founded by Bruce R Bent, the inventor of the money market fund. Darrell Delamaide reports …

The founding family of Japanese motor manufacturer Toyota has two reasons to celebrate this week.

Family-owned engineering group Schaeffler has clashed with senior management at Continental, the rival company it formally acquired at the beginning of January.

Mexican family patriarch and the world’s second richest man, Carlos Slim Helu, has agreed to lend family-controlled New York Times Company $250 million to refinance existing debt.

Banco Santander is allegedly set to face an investigation by Spanish prosecutors into how the family-controlled bank lost more than €2.3 billion of its clients’ money with Bernard Madoff, the disgraced American fund manager.

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