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What’s the forecast for family businesses in America? If it were a weather bulletin it would be a generally sunny outlook but with a persistent chance of showers. 

If you buy into the premise from my book Wealth Management Unwrapped that you are the figurative CEO of My Wealth, Inc, you will be business-minded in your approach to your wealth. However, most individuals continue to do five things they would never do if they were running a business.

Around Thanksgiving I caught up with Corey Boles, US analyst for political consultancy Eurasia, and we talked turkey about what family businesses might expect from inside the Beltway this year.

Ever been in a car with a backseat driver? At best, they are annoying to drive with and, at worst, a downright distraction. Ultimately, they can affect the safety of all passengers – themselves included – and make the driver feel like they’re not up to the task.

While recent changes may well be good for the American public at large – and particularly those who would have otherwise been uninsured – recent changes in how healthcare is delivered to the masses have nonetheless had a curious affect on ultra-affluent families. 

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