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Asset Management

European family businesses are less unionised than their non-family counterparts. This is not a good strategy for family businesses in a competitive landscape, says Trygve Gulbrandsen, who finds Scandinavia a model for change in the field

There’s money to be made from globalisation. Thematic investing allows business families to look at the financial world in a new light, taking advantage of the emerging markets and changing macroeconomic trends. Eric Sarasin explains how business families can profit

Starting with virtually nothing in the 1940s, the Jacobson family built an industrial distribution empire now worth over $3 billion. Suzy Bibko discusses the challenges of the business and the creation of its family investment firms

With the price of gold increasing to over $600 an ounce and the fundamentals underpinning its continued rise still strong, many investors will be considering their returns on this precious metal. So how to go about investing in it? asks Richard Willsher

Showing potential management talent you mean business is a challenge for family companies. Patrick Peyton explains how family businesses can attract and retain a strong management team against stiff competition for talent with non-family corporates

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